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ProgRes CMOS range.

Fast live image and high performance.

Designed to provide highest versatility and cost-effectiveness, the cameras of the Jenoptik ProgRes CMOS range allow for quick and precise setting of specimen and microscope, and hence provide comfortable operation. Fast live images meet the requirements of professionals, and the outstanding CMOS technology makes these ProgRes cameras the first choice imaging solution for usage in education institutes and training labs.

ProgRes CT cameras fit into almost any budget due
 to their excellent price-performance-ratio.


High speed and high resolution.

The ProgRes® CMOS based USB 2.0 and FireWire cameras offers rapid image refresh rates of up to 90 fps@VGA. Resolutions from 1 up to 5 mega pixels allow for optimal performance in low as well as high magnifications.

Due to the large pixel size of 5.2 μmē the ProgRes® CT1 delivers high frame rates of 30 fps in full resolution and offers high sensitivity for best image quality.


Jenoptik CT3 PC board quality CT3  USB or FireWire Camera

1/2” CMOS 3.15 Mpix
CMOS sensor: 3.2μmē  
Interface USB or FireWire

Jenoptik CT5 C_Stone_material k-visionCT5 USB Camera

1/2.5” CMOS  5 Mpix
CMOS sensor: 2.2μmē  
Color / Monochrome
Interface USB

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CT3 CMOS 5 megapixel camera for microscopy

CT1 (1.3 megapixel, color or monochrome)
CT3 (3.15 megapixel, color, FireWire)
CT3 USB (3.15 megapixel, color, USB)
CT5 (5 megapixel, color or monochrome)


  • High frame rates
  • Good color reproduction
  • ProgRes capture software for easy operation
  • Fit to any PC and microscope
  • Safe investment
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Image analysis, documentation and archiving in microscopy and macroscopy in the fields of:

  • Material science, geology & mineralogy
  • Life science, diagnostics
  • Quality control
  • Education and teaching

All USB cameras come with CapturePro application software running under WIN XP/ Vista / WIN 7 / or higher.
The CT3 FireWire camera is also running under Mac OS10.4 and WIN XP or higher.
Multicore PC is recommended.

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