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Digital camera optical light microscope, stereo microscope en macroscope brand Jenoptik (ProgRes)

Quality for Professionals

All camera’s can be easily integrated into each laboratory via
C-Mount and FireWire interfaces and connect on all brands microscope like Leica, Zeiss, Olympus and Nikon.

Any microscope, equipped with a ProgRes microscope camera is an absolutely reliable and productive working place, easy to use, delivering images of highest quality. Capturing color images with excellent fidelity in the various contrast methods of light microscopy becomes mere child’s play using a ProgRes digital camera for micro and macro applications.


Camera overview

The following ProgRes cameras are available for different applications in science and industry:
ProgRes CCD SpeedXTcore Cameras high live image speed in  full resolution.
ProgRes CMOS Cameras with an excellent value for money.
ProgRes CCD Routine Cameras, superior image quality.
ProgRes CCD Research Cameras for optimal sensitivity.


Easy Integration:
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ProgRes Reseach Camera CF / MF and C14 plus

Overview of all cameras
CapturePro Software


SpeedXT core 5 ProgRes new live high speed camera
Jenoptik CapturePro Windows 7  screen shot
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