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ProgRes® CCD SpeedXT core range

Reach your goal faster with
Jenoptik SpeedXT core technology

ProgRes® SpeedXT core 3 and SpeedXT core 5 are the first cameras to feature Jenoptik’s innovative SpeedXT core technology providing very fast live speed rates of 17 fps / 13 fps in full resolution of
3 / 5 mega pixel.

Due to the enhancement of the live image speed in combination with the high resolution in CCD image quality the user is enabled to facilitate precise focusing and easy positioning of specimens without interlace effect in a more efficient way - a clear advantage in the analysis of moving objects and routine work in laboratories.

Exposure times up to 180s ensure optimum captured images, also under low-light conditions. The maximum possible color depth is 36 bit.

Superior color reproduction

An excellent color reproduction as well as ease of installation & operation are other distinguishing features of the cameras. The software can be easily and quickly installed, enabling users to immediately capture brilliant images in excellent, acknowledged Jenoptik quality providing finest color gradings for sophisticated applications.


  • SpeedXT core – outstanding CCD live image speed for
      easy focussing
  • Excellent image quality and high resolution
  • Perfect color reproduction
  • ProgRes® Capture software for easy operation included
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
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ProgRes SpeedXT core 5 fast color ccd camera USB interface

SpeedXT core 3
SpeedXT core 5
SpeedXT core 3/5

Hair root 10x   ProgRes SpeedXT core 5 SpeedXTcore 3 material k-vision
Application Image analysis, documentation and archiving in
microscopy and macroscopy in the fields of:
  • Material science, geology & mineralogy
  • Life science, diagnostics
  • Quality control
  • Pathology & cell biology
  • Forensics

The included CapturePro software supports the excellent quality of ProgRes microscope cameras and delivers optimal image quality and reproducible results. Calibrations and image correction matrices, e.g. shadings, can be individually generated for your camera and are saved in your own user profile.

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